About vaccines

Vaccinations don’t stop at childhood.

If you are travelling abroad or interested in helping to protect you and your family against vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccinations can help you stay healthy - but do you know which vaccinations may be relevant to you?

Our aim is to increase awareness about vaccinations and the protection it provides that you may want to consider at different stages of life. Your doctor, practice nurse or pharmacist can offer you advice and guidance to help you make your decision.

For UK residents, our online assistant immi can create a vaccination tracker for you to be able to have a conversation with your healthcare professional.

Vaccination timeline

Infants and children

  • 0 yrs
  • 2 yrs
  • 5 yrs
  • 8 yrs
Illustration of teenagers Illustration of a cot


  • Start
  • End
Illustration of a adolecent boy Illustration of an adolecent girl

Pregnant women

  • Start
  • End
Illustration of a mother with her baby Illustration of a pregnant woman


  • 40 yrs
Illustration of a person riding a bicycle

Older adults

  • 60 yrs
  • 70 yrs
Illustration of a man with a walking stick


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