Phillip Cruz
Medical Director, GSK

Parents are balancing risk of Covid-19 infection against benefits of routine immunisations.

This conflict, between parents wanting to get their children vaccinated but not wanting to attend a traditional location for this, was uncovered in a recent survey by GSK among 2,511 parents of children aged between 9 months and 10 years old.1

Overwhelmingly, the survey found parents were pro-vaccines and many thought vaccines were now more important than before in combating infectious disease. However, only 27% are now comfortable visiting a medical centre for these vaccines – down from 91% pre-pandemic.

The research found that parents were more likely to attend a vaccination appointment than a general medical appointment during lockdown. Despite this, of the 22% of parents whose child had a vaccination appointment due during lockdown, 22% said their appointment had been postponed and 23% had chosen not to go because of the pandemic, despite the fact GPs have continued to provide this service.

As the NHS continues to deal with coronavirus, it’s important that parents feel confident in the safety measures put in place by medical centres, in line with Public Health and infection control guidelines. Now is not the time for children to miss scheduled immunisations!

1. Data on file, Vaccines in light of COVID-19 market research, May 2020, REF-81763.

How comfortable were you taking your child to a medical centre for vaccines before/during COVID-19?

This post was developed by GSK. NP-GB-GVX-WCNT-200005. September 2020.