Phillip Cruz
Medical Director, GSK

The UK’s parents are pro-vaccine and would have been willing to visit untraditional locations to have their children receive their routine immunisations during lockdown, a GSK survey has found.1

When asked, 78% of 2,511 parents of children aged between 9 months and 10 years old said they would be happy for their child to be vaccinated during lockdown – down from 93% generally. Most were willing to visit a medical centre for these appointments, but many were also open to alternative locations.

The most popular alternatives were a nurse home visit, a drive-through facility, local pharmacy and a mobile medical centre. High street pharmacists have for a long time offered patients vaccine services, but drive-through facilities and mobile medical centres are venues whose potential has yet to be fully explored.

This survey shows parents’ flexibility – with ease of access to services playing a key role in uptake of vaccinations. It could be interesting to continue to explore innovative and untraditional locations, such as drive-through facilities, for future vaccine-delivery. Now feels like the right time for inventive health centres to try something new!

1. Data on file, Vaccines in light of COVID-19 market research, May 2020, REF-81763.

Pro-vaccine parents said they would be willing to try these alternative sites for vaccine delivery:

This post was developed by GSK. NP-GB-GVX-WCNT-200006. September 2020.